Traditional Way Of Trip Planning & A Solution By Tripscam

Planning a holiday by yourself always feels so tedious. You have to keep screening all types of offers on travel, Stay, Places to See and Places to Eat. Earlier people resorted to the easier route of planning their holidays through agencies. It is like doing things in the way they tell you to. But it’s not the case these days. Options are wide along with budget planning and luxury. Also, with this arises the case of travel troubles and duping scams. We really loose our trust when things go wrong along our way. Don’t do that now. We have just the thing you need.


Tripscam – Their Purpose To Exist In Travel & Tourism Industry

No, it’s not a page that discusses scams of travelling. But it actually helps you plan your holiday with first hand traveler experiences and expert advice’s on various locations and methods.

The site aims in providing transparency in the travel industry by helping travelers seek information with ease and also share their good and bad experiences for others to know about. Also they do stick to the words of “sharing is caring” by providing reward points to the experiences shared. The points earned can be redeemed under various schemes provided on the site for hotel bookings and so on. Now the motive and site has a pretty clear funda.


Visit Tripscam website to know more about the venture

The access to the site is pretty user friendly. The venture has got the top and popular destinations displayed on the main page and they offer something pretty different and amusing which is Travel Inspiration and Safety Tips.

Some Travel Inspirations By Tripscam

It is something that might be present on other sites as well but you end up getting disappointed as they are usually paid ads and not something you were hoping for. Here it’s pretty cool and it’s just the thing you might be looking for.


Currently they only have 15 travel inspiration listed on their website which means they are still developing in this section. Thus it will take time for Tripscam until they get their roots deeper in this section. However, they have made it a point to regularly upload travel related inspiration and a few news related articles on their website since mid of May.

Below is a list of 2 articles handpicked by me which I recommend you should definitely go through when you visit their website after reading this article. For a complete list of inspirational articles visit their website.

For nature lovers who love to do bird watching here’s a list of bird sanctuaries in India.

For couples wanting their pre-baby vacation to go well. The search for a safe and secure place for the dad-to-be & mom-to-be is always on, where they get to spend some quality time with each other. Tripscam has a list of places where to-be-parents can think of planning their babymoon vacation in India.

Some Safety Tips For Lone Rangers


No its nothing like a pep talk about not talking to strangers and all that. These tips are about precautions while travelling, regarding healthcare, celebrating a festival at a particular destination, do’s and don’ts etc.

Do not forget to have a look at these safety tips before packing your bags to any location in India.

Look At What Others Say Before You Leave

Today who does not do this – whenever your friend’s/family tell you that they want to visit a particular destination, first thing you do before even replying them is you check how will you get there, what will you do when you are there and also check out all the amenities present at that particular location. Don’t you?

Yes, we all believe in exploring destinations and doing some research before we plan to go there.

Here is a guide on how Tripscam assists us in gathering all the required details before we visit a particular location.

Go to the site and click on city on the top right corner area and these are the various destinations on which you can find user generated and trusted information. If you happen to already visit the place then you can write your experience regarding your holiday and help others. You will also earn reward points on your contribution.

To make you more clear about their service. We have posted a screenshot of a review written by “Eva Wagner” when she visited Agra. Have a look at what she wishes to tell us.


How To Share Your Experience To A Particular Location On Their Site

You just have to simply signup by providing your basic details and by confirming your email address. You’re all set to start contributing on their website. Don’t hesitate from helping others to soothe their trips in any part of India.

Remember the venture does allow you to simply share your good and bad experiences. It also refrains you from defaming any service provider or place without valid proofs. The site is meant to provide original content and first hand experiences of travelers. Any data/content found to be copied or false shall be subjected to strict and/or legal actions as per company policy.

Conclusion – The Final Word

This site is a golden look-through for people planning holidays as well as provides a strong opportunity for travelers to share their experiences. It help others to create the best holiday memories for themselves. So, if your gang plans on for an adventure to Ladakh OR if you and your partner are planning a romantic weekend getaway OR if you are planning a backpack trip alone for self-realization. Be sure you visit the website and find all the information for your destination and Write your experiences to help others make theirs memorable.


I would like to thank my friend Yash G who reviewed this startup and would like to appreciate his efforts that he took time out from his busy schedule and got this work done for me.

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Let’s catch up again in the next week, where we will review an another startup in the travel and tourism industry till then cyaa😊.