How Did The Idea Of Creating This Trip Planning Site Evolve

Imagine that one fun trip you decided you will plan with your friends/family. You would have realized that trip planning is not a cakewalk. Involving a lot of crucial factors and heaps of data point, planning a trip can be tedious, time-taking and not-so-pleasant experience.

Few important pointers to zero on, before starting the actual trip planning process are:

  1. Who is coming?
  2. Where to go?
  3. How to reach?
  4. Where to stay?
  5. What to do?

Remember how tricky it was to align everyone on the same page and to structure a proper plan.

When Praveen Kumar (IIM Lucknow), Karthik Ramachandra (IIM Indore) and Saket Newaskar (MDI Gurgaon), three friends and travel enthusiasts faced this problem, they decided to come up with a solution that will bring fun to the trip planning process.

Thus, TripHobo was born, in the year 2014.

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TripHobo is an innovative trip planning platform that aids to plan a vacation to more than 90,000 destinations in the world. Consolidating the entire travel data including transport, accommodation, activities and experiences is the USP of TripHobo.

Products & Services Offered By This Trip Planning Website

To begin with, TripHobo offers different products and services in-line with the major feature of the website, which is the trip planning/itinerary planner. The website offers sample trips for various destinations along with the recommendations for best activities, tours and experiences in different countries. The data and the content is pretty comprehensive and you can look up any destination on this trip planning website. We recommend signing up on their website through Facebook or by providing your basic details. It will help you in better exploring their services when you plan your trip for the next time.

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Trip Planner

This functionality is the USP and one of the most important pillar of this trip planning website. It offers an easy trip planning platform to plan itinerary and to share it with your friends and family.

Within this trip planner you can add end to end travel information about your trip. The trip planner platform helps in checking all the above mentioned essential pointers required to plan a successful trip. Travel, accommodation and activities can be easily managed using this easy trip planner platform or application. You are no longer needed to maintain an excel file while planning your next trip if you choose to use this trip planner. We can also edit trip plans created by other users and make it suit your travel needs. It can be genuinely called as an ultimate trip planning website.

Click here to have a look at their trip planner.

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Things To Do

The name of the company itself talks about the service they provide in this section. They have a list of “things to do” listed on their website to all the major tourist destinations across the world. locations are sorted based on the continents in which they exist. We can also search for city or country to learn more about the things/activities that can be done over there.

Lets have a look at “things to do in San Diego” to understand this section in greater details.

Initially the trip planning website gives an introduction defining the city and the reasons for which the city is known for. Inshort they educate us and give a background of the city.

The Trip planning website has 135 things to do listed in San Diego. The list is updated regularly to ensure that they do not miss out to cover any attraction present at any location.

We will now walk you through one of the major attraction/thing to do in San Diego which is the SeaWorld. It is an animal theme park and water park having 26 animal habitats, 15 rides, 20 shows, 2 play areas, 4 special limited-time events and 11 “distinctive experiences” (including special experiences such as swimming with dolphins). It is a must visit destination to consider while planning your trip in US.

Click here to learn more about SeaWorld.

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Similarly do check their long list of things to do in other major city/countries where you plan your outing for the next time.

Trip Plans

In this section you will find 1000+ pre-planned itinerary created either by TripHobo or by guest users. You will find both national as well as international itineraries which will make your trip planning easier. You can select from an already existing itinerary by searching the city/country in which you wish to plan your trip. You can decide either to follow the pre-planned trip or modify it to suit your travel wishes. It will be helpful when you have to plan your trip on a short notice since you will find a base itinerary ready, just add or remove attractions/activities that you wish to perform and you are all set to go.

Explore trip plans in your dream city.


Time is the most important aspect to be considered when we are on a vacation. Since we all have a long and never ending list of local tours, activities and attractions to complete within a short span of time. Using TripHobo you can book tours and activities in from over 4000 cities over the world. So save the precious time of vacation to cover more number of attractions at the city you visit instead of standing in long queues to buy entry or activity pass for the same. Along with sightseeing you can also book offbeat activities like hot air balloon ride in Dubai, jungle safari in Maharashtra’s oldest and largest national park, Scuba diving in Ibiza and many more on their site.

Do have a look at numerous tours and activities offered on their website to add one on your checklist.

Vacation Packages & Hotel Booking

Just like your local travel agent, TripHobo also puts in front of you a huge chunk of vacations packages which can be booked using their website. The advantage of booking a vacation using TripHobo is that they provide an option to customize the package according to your needs before booking it. They offer trips which end in a single day to trips that last upto 17 days or more.

They have partnered with Airbnb and They provide comfortable, safe and affordable stays both nationally as well as internationally. So its needless to say that you will be able to find the accommodation, tour package and activity when you plan your trip using TripHobo.

Trip Planning App To Plan Your Trip On The Go

You can also install TripHobo Mobile Application which is available for both Android as well as IOS Users. The Android app has average rating of 3.9/5 rated by 308 users who have already used the application. It is downloaded 10000+ times on the Google App Store. It lets you plan your trip on the go and carry your holiday plan in your pocket.

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