From Where Did The Idea Originate

It began when the founder Ish Jindal was on a ferry ride in the Moscow river and he didn’t know the places to visit in Moscow within the time that he had in his hands. Fortunately, He met a guy who helped him in exploring places he wouldn’t had visited with the aid of maps and guides.

It was out of this incident that “padhaaro” came into existence where foreign tourists visiting to India can have a fun and safe trip in India without worrying about our laws, culture and language. Padhaaro means “Welcome to my land” in English.

Who Meets Whom At Padhaaro

Padhaaro is a platform where others like Ish Jindal who want to discover local activities and adventures like scuba diving and snorkelling in Andaman to downhill mountain bike ride in Manali to learning how to cook Indo-goan dishes in Goa or exploring the hidden gems of old Calcutta while they are on their trip to India. With the help of Padhaaro they meet locals who can be anyone from a student to working professional who are ready and want to share their experience with others.

Its Presence In INDIA & Most Common Types Of Trips Offered

Currently its presences spans over 19 cities in India. Local trips are provided in 6 out of 10 metro cities of India, they are as follows: Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Kolkata, Hyderabad. 56% of local trips are present within the metro cities which shows a complete skew in the percentage of local trips present within the metro cities as compared to non-metro cities.

Within these 19 cities Padhaaro offer more than 150+ local trips to attract both national as well as international tourists. Some of the most common trips are visiting places that have historical importance, cycle tour in the city, exploring delicious delicacies (few among them being the street food) of that place or a photography tour in the city.

The startup has 50+ greeters who offer personalised trips to tourists as per their field of interest.

Some Out Of The Box Trips Offered By PADHAARO

Within this section our focus will be on highlighting a few unique micro trips offered by the startup in different parts of the country.

1. Downhill mountain biking


  • The primary attraction of the trip is downhill mountain biking from Rohtang La to Manali. The reroute is 52km long and it takes 2-3 hours to reach Manali
  • During our descent to Manali we get through many villages with traditional houses which are worth watching, Solang Nullah where we can experience paragliding & zorbing
  • Throughout the descent there are snowy peaks present all around the way
  • Expertise in mountain riding is not essential since we do not have to move up our bikes uphill
  • It costs INR 2000 and consumes the first half of the day i.e. from 6 AM to 11 AM
  • Book this rejuvenating trip of Downhill Mountain Biking Padhaaro website

2. A day out with elephants


  • This unique tour offers tourists an opportunity to spend some time in a small village which is specially setup to provide a natural habitat to elephants and is 3KM away from Amer fort & It is one of a kind village in Rajasthan
  • As a part of the trip the tourists get a chance to do the following things with elephants:
  • Painting the elephant, cooking meal for elephants, learning to communicate with elephant, washing and scrubbing them etc.
  • The trip lasts for 3 hours & costs your pockets INR 3900/-  but it leaves behind a memory that you can cherish throughout your life
  • Find out more details about a day out with elephants

3. Dharavi walk in Mumbai


  • Dharavi which is known because of the movie Slumdog Millionaire is the 3rd largest slum in the world and 2nd largest slum throughout the Asia.
  • Through the guided tour of Dharavi tourists get a chance to see residential as well as industrial parts of the slum.
  • Tourists explore a wide range of small scale businesses like pottery, plastic recycling, soap production etc.
  • This micro trip lasts for 2 hours and costs you a minimal amount of INR 750/-
  • Click here to book this trip

Who Should Become A Greeter At PADHAARO?

Consider a guy “Arjun” who is born and brought up in Mumbai + he is a passionate traveller who enjoys meeting people from around the world, wants to make new friends and likes sharing his experience with others at the same time. So who knows the city better than Arjun? From what to do in Mumbai to where to get the best experiences in the city – Arjun knows it all.

So basically Padhaaro provides the right opportunity for you to explore your city from a whole new dimension. It suits those who are willing to sharing their knowledge and expertise with others in the topic that interests you the most. It could be anything from cooking to cycling, from visiting historical places to shopping in malls where you also get paid at the same time.

Click here to learn more about how to become a greeter at Padhaaro.

What’s Holding It Back From Making An Impact In The Travel & Tourism Industry

Even though the startup has chosen suitable cities having the most influx of foreign tourist in India, but in order to encourage more and more tourist to use their service the startup needs to deliver other unique experiences which foreign tourist can try and find out only in India.

Currently the startup offers its service only at few locations. Increasing the number of micro trips in those places where tourist usually pass or halt during their journey might help them acquire it acquire new customers.

Revenue Model Of Padhaaro?

Padhaaro generates revenue by charging a small commission on every personalised experience customers book through the website. The booking amount varies for each type of micro trip but it typically ranges between INR 1000 to INR 5000.

A small part of the revenue is also contributed by posting paid ads on its blog site.

To learn more about this startup feel free to have a look at their website at

Unfortunately we will wrap up writing about Padhaaro here.

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