Poor Quality Of Food In Train – Rise of TravelKhana

We all have traveled in Indian Railways countless times and everyone has their own different reason for travel:

  • People working in different states travel to meet their family & friends
  • Some travel while they are on a vacation to explore different places of the country
  • Some travel because of their business needs and requirements

But one common thing each kind of traveler requires is “FOOD IN TRAIN” while their journey to their desired destination.

We all are aware of the fact that quality and taste of food received during our train journey is not up to the mark and we are not supposed to consume it. But do we have any other option???


YES, TravelKhana solves this problem for all of us. It is a e-catering service providing food in train, known for directly connecting passengers travelling in trains with the well to do restaurants and local food joints of the place. The intent is to cater none but the freshest and finest food in train at extremely cost efficient prices.

By using TravelKhana website/mobile app one can order food in train and can get it delivered to his/her desirable station. Travelers can also place their order for food in train by calling at 08800-31-31-31. The e-catering startup will not restrict you to a limited menu. They offers plenty of options in vegetarian & non vegetarian cuisine. It involves South Indian, North Indian, Chinese, Continental, Jain food, Italian, beverages and more to grab on.

So, How To Order For Food In Train


By following steps in general as mentioned below anyone can place an order for their desirable food in train.

  • Enter PNR number – You just have to enter your PNR number to place an order with TravelKhana.
  • From the drop down, select the station name at which you want to place an order and wish your parcel to get delivered.
  • Add the food items that you want to eat and order in the basket.
  • Pay securely using any of the payment modes, as per the convenience (COD also available).

It is recommended to place an order for food in train 30 to 45 minutes in advance to your train’s arrival time at the station. So when your train reaches the station you order for food in train is served steaming hot and without any delay.

They startup has successfully delivered more than 10 million meals all across the country.

Bulk Food Order While Travelling With A Group?

TravelKhana also accepts group orders for food in train. The order for food should be worth more than INR 2,000/-.

They specialize in catering to train groups likes

  • Wedding type breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • School/College groups type meals
  • Religious group with special food requirements and a lot more

You can request a callback for group food order in train by filling up basic details on the group booking page.

Few Promotional Offers Of The Startup


Use Code “SEPT50” to get 50% OFF on your food order for more offers and discounts we recommend surfing their website or internet before ordering food in train.

Add On Services Offered By The E-Catering Startup

Indian Railway being the 4th largest railway network in the world comprises of:

  • 119,630 kilometer of tracks spread across 7000+ stations
  • Runs 13,000+ passenger trains daily
  • Carries more than 20 million passengers daily, it connects every nook and corner of the country

The startup understands its service does not just end by delivering food and receiving the payment. So it also provides some common but additional services like

Indian Railway Seat Availability

If you want to check the availability of seats in your desired train before making an reservation can be easily check it out on their website. Just select/enter the following information:

  • Train number/name
  • Source/Destination station
  • Class, Quota and date of journey and you the will get seat availability status for that train

Indian Railway Train Time Table

The startup also provides a complete list of trains running between two stations which will assist you in selecting the train for travel. Just by entering the names of stations, a complete list of trains running between those stations will be displayed in front of you.

Check PNR Status

One can easily check the reservation status of their seat by entering PNR number on their website.

The startup also provides in depth details about all the information necessary for the above mentioned services.

Its Mobile App to Deliver Food In Train

Food-In-Train Mobile-App-TravelKhana-VenturesVista

You can order food using their mobile app too. The steps to order food in train are pretty much similar to the steps you follow to order food using their website.

They have an average rating of 3.8 by a total of 12,755 reviews on the Google Play Store. The startup also cares about their customers which is understood by their replies to customer’s negative reviews on the Google Play Store.

The startup has also launched an mobile application for its partners. “Travelkhana Partners” is an application for managing orders, aimed at the restaurant and catering partners of Travelkhana. It provides real time updates from Travelkhana’s technology platform, to effectively manage the orders, ensure quality, and on-time delivery service to customers

Click here to download TravelKhana:

Own A Restaurant?, Become A Partner & Increase Your Sales

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